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Research Data Management in Metrology

Welcome to the central information portal for Research Data Management in Metrology!

This website was created with the purpose of offering researchers and metrology workers the competences and tools that they need to perform good research data management conform to the regulations by the funders and stakeholders and to the FAIR data principles. On the other side, we also aim to bring the metrological principles of traceability and reproducibility into the discourse on research data management.

This website contains the following pages:

Knowledge base

A knowledge base containing basic knowledge about research data management in metrology.

Materials collection

A collection of useful material helping to perform selected data-related tasks within a research activity: guidelines, checklists, sample texts, use case reports, recommendations.

Data management plans

A short presentation of a useful application to write data management plans, the Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO).

Incoming events

A calender of incoming events around research data management.


Recommendations around metadata for description of research data

Data and software quality

Some material concerning data quality, including the Quality Assurance Tools developed by the European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics (Mathmet)