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Here we collected recommendations and useful material to support project coordinators, researchers and technicians in performing good RDM.

Most of the material is tailored to the needs of workers of European metrology institutes affiliated to EURAMET and to the regulations of the present funding program "European Partnership on metrology".

General knowledge and awareness about research data management

Overview of RDM tasks and solutions

  • RDM guideline for scientists
    (due 2024)
  • RDM checklist for project coordinators
    (due 2024)

RDM training 2021 (EMPIR)

Module 1: Introduction to Research Data Management

Module 2: Preparation and implementation of data management plans

Module 3: Metadata for RDM and publications submission


RDM training 2023-2024 (EPM)

2023-10-07 Data management plans with RDMO

2024-03-22 What are semantic representations and where to find them?

Setting rules

Sample RDM policy for metrology institutes, research institutes, project, competency clusters

Information and recommendations on specific RDM tasks

Planning and reporting

RDM declaration in a project proposal (Open Science + Management of research data and other research outputs)

Data management plan



Data organisation and publication

Recommendations for metadata fields for published objects

Recommendations on digital representation of metrological information